Consumers across America are being motivated to give GT Radial tires a try through the “Experience the Performance” GT Radial 30 Day Test Drive program which offers a money-back guarantee if they are not completely satisfied with their tires.

Six of the most popular GT Radial passenger car and light truck product lines are covered in the guarantee program. Consumers who buy a set of four tires after Jan. 1, 2016, can return them to the dealer within 30 days or up to 500 miles, whichever comes first, if they are not completely satisfied. The dealer, at the consumer’s request, will either replace the tires with another set of GT Radial tires or refund the purchase price. Consumers can visit – for complete details.

“We want to give our dealers another tool to help them sell GT Radial and make it an easy decision for American consumers,” said Armand Allaire, executive vice president of sales and marketing for GITI Tire (USA) Ltd., which markets and sells GT Radial consumer and commercial tires in North America. “We have millions of satisfied customers across the U.S. and believe this program will help add many more.”

GT Radial dealers received point-of-sale materials with program and product specifics for their stores. Dealers can visit – — for complete details.

The six GT Radial product lines included in the “Experience the Performance” GT Radial 30 Day Test Drive promotion are:

  • Champiro HPY – An ultra high performance summer tire that utilizes an advanced asymmetrical tread pattern and full silica tread compound for outstanding cornering ability in wet and dry conditions, the Champiro HPY is available in 34 V-, W- and Y-speed-rated sizes for 17- to 20-inch rims.
  • Champiro UHPAS – An ultra high performance, all season tire for performance coupes, sedans and SUVs, the Champiro UHPAS delivers extraordinary performance in dry, wet, and light snow. The UHPAS is available in 38 V-, W- and Y-speed-rated sizes for 15- to 20-inch rims.
  • Champiro Touring A/S – A new all season touring tire designed for the latest passenger cars and crossover vehicles, the Touring A/S combines precise handling and control with a quiet and comfortable ride. Available in 31 sizes (T through V speed ratings) for 14- to 18-inch rims and now with a 60,000 mile Limited Warranty, the Touring A/S delivers long mileage at a great value.
  • MAXTOUR All Season – A new premium passenger tire offering outstanding mileage, excellent all season performance and a quiet, comfortable ride, the Maxtour All Season is offered in a total of 44 sizes (T and H speed ratings) for 13- to 16-inch rims. This tire comes with a 24-hour roadside assistance and road hazard warranty in addition to a 60,000 mile limited tread wear warranty.
  • Savero HT2 – A premium all-season tire for SUV and light truck owners, now with a 50,000 mile Limited Warranty (including LT sizes), the Savero HT2 features optimized carcass tension technology for an excellent balance of dry and wet handling, as well as advanced noise cancelling technology to effectively reduce road noise. It is available in 58 sizes (R to V speed ratings) for 15- to 20-inch rims.
  • Adventuro AT3 – An all terrain tire designed for light truck and SUV drivers wanting aggressive looks with civilized on-road manners, the Adventuro AT3 provides a comfortable ride on-road and superb off-road capability. It is available in 40 sizes (R to H speed ratings) for 15- to 20-inch rims.
GT Radial 30 Day Test Drive
GT Radial 30 Day Test Drive